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Test preparation courses

These courses are for students who need to fulfill one of the main requirements to study abroad, which is to take international tests such as IELTS and TOEFL. The courses are aimed at providing a complete overview of the exams and useful strategies for each question or task type applied through concrete practice and mock tests. Each course offers two modules of 40 hours each. The teachers assigned to these courses are certified trainers for each test.

Preparación para pruebas TOEFL e IELTS
80 horas 80 horas


Pre-requisito para tomar cursos de preparación para TOEFL o IELTS:   demostrar Nivel mínimo B1/B2 en el MCER.


TEFL Diploma

The 120-hour Certificate in TEFL offered by the Centro Colombo Americano of Manizales aims to provide the highest standard in the teaching of the English language. It is designed for those who have little or no experience teaching English, or for those who are experienced, but lack the academic background and credentials necessary to advance. Course participants explore best practices for teaching English as a foreign language and learn how to create effective, communicative language classes for students of varied ages and levels. The course uses a practical, hands-on approach that includes classroom observations and further analysis all framed under the Action Research Model.

Entry Requirements:
The certificate in TEFL requires the following for application to the program:

  • High-school diploma
  • Present an exam certificate showing at least a B2 level of English. In case the candidates do not have a certificate, they have to take an exam at the Colombo Americano.
  • Dedication to the demanding schedule of classes and practical training required for the course.
  • The willingness to actively participate in the course and work cooperatively with group members.

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